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Arconi, Efficiency and Competiveness through the Development of People

In Arconi Company we promote and encourage the efficiency and competitiveness of our organisation via the development of people, their qualififcations and personal growth as well as promoting the implantation of a culture of quality, sustainable development and innovation in the management process. We are currently member number 7656 of the Asociacion Española para la Calidad (AEC) (The Spanish Association for Quality)

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Internally lined valves

Special male type valves, which are recommended and used in critical processes





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COVID19 Important information

From Arconi we are following closely the progress and the government measures on COVID-19 pandemic. We assure to all our clients our full commitment and availability keeping our manufacturing c...

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Pipes and fittings for the transport of corrosi...

The chemical industry is characterized by the handling of sensitive products and substances which demand special treatment. This is why safety is paramount at all stages of the industrial proce...

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Arconi renews ISO 9001:2015 certification

Our internal quality system is fully integrated for continuous improvement, a feature which has facilitated enormously the certification standards ISO 9001 and 14001. The continuing objective o...