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Quality and Environmental Policy

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Quality and Environmental Policy

The Management of ARCONI, S.A. in its aim to position itself at the forefront globally in the field of manufacturing of piping systems and accessories internally lined with fluoropolymers and copolymers, as well as in commercialization and repair of valves, wishes to express its commitment to meet the requirements defined in its Quality and Environmental Management System, and to apply continuous improvement to make it more effective. To achieve this, our work is based on the respect for the following principles:

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The quality of
our products

Requiring high precision in production, is a necessary requirement to satisfy our customers and to continue growing in the market.

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Respect for the environment

In the development of our activities benefit us as a company, as part of the community and as workers.

This Policy has been established in order to guide the management of the organization towards implementation of the principles described above, for which the following guidelines should be observed:

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ARCONI, S.A. pursues continuous improvement by designing the processes of the Integrated Management System, which will be held in order to increase customer satisfaction and protection of the environment through compliance with their requirements, control of objectives and monitoring the results.

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Compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as other commitments, it is a requirement that must be known, understood and applied in all activities of our company.

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We want to demonstrate our commitment to protect the environment by minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, enhancing the efficient use of resources and promoting the use of cleaner technologies in our processes.

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In ARCONI, S.A. we consider fundamental to minimize adverse impacts associated with waste generated from our operations, reducing these as far as possible and ensuring a proper management of them.

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It is a priority to control the risks arising from the use of hazardous substances, take the necessary measures to prevent pollution and minimize its negative effects on both health and environment.

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The team of ARCONI, S.A. is essential and personal satisfaction is a major factor that should be considered as a way to satisfy the customer. The Management of ARCONI, S.A. will provide its workers continuous training and information to promote their initiative and personal development, procuring them the level of qualification required to perform the activities within the scope of the Integrated Management System.


This Integrated
Management Policy

Defines the framework for setting objectives of Quality and Environmental Management. The Management of the company is committed to implementing it, to provide the necessary resources for compliance and to subject to revision as appropriate to ensure its validity.

The Management of Arconi, S.A. states that this policy is known, understood and applied by all staff of the Organization, and makes it available to interested parties.

Juan Antonio Mauro – CEO

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